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This is new message from Romanian teacher, I out the message as it is.

An interesting project. I will gladly participate.
Anisoara Iordache, a professor of mathematics in Romania.

      Welcome to Reteag Online
Our village is located in the Transylvanian Plateau, between small hills and along the river Somes Mare .It lies in the west of the region Bistrita-Nasaud .Concerning the administrative organization it is to be observed there are three small villages: Reteag,Poieni and and Batza belonging to the same commune called Petru Rareş .
The current organization was governed by The Law Nr. 67 of 23 March 2005, published in Official Gazette (Monitorul Oficial) Nr. 251 of 25 March 2005, when the villages Ciceu-Corabia , Leleşti and Ciceu-Mihaiesti were detached and joined to set up Ciceu-Mihăieşti as different commune..

Reteag is a name that seems to come from Răteag (Hungarian word Retteg or possible from a German one such as :Reckenbeck, Reckentek, Reckendorf, Retteneck). Reteag is located in the western part of Bistrita-Nasaud, at a distance of 51 km from Bistritza municipality and 13 km from a town called Dej (from Cluj County ).
Petru Rares is crossed by the east-west DE576 (European modernized road crosing the villages Reteag, and Batza), DC35 Reteag -Ciceu Giurgesti and the railway-Sărăţel-Beclean-Dej (with station in Reteag)

The region landscape is determined by the river Someşul Mare, with the with terraces and meadows (in south) with arable land, orchards and vineyard .The average annual temperature, 8.2 degrees Celsius, rainfall, 680 mm / year, while the dominant winds follow lane Someş Mare, North-East.

The mentioned region has about
3008 ha of which built 448 ha and terrain: 2560 ha.
The main occupations are farming and growing animals.Many people are left the country in search of work.Nevertheless, last time there were active more than 20 trade small firms (see recorded data.)
The population covers about 3720 people counting 1055 households, 1090 houses .
Reteag became famous especially because Ion Pop-Reteganul,a local personality (1853-1905), educator, writer, publicist and collector of folk tales.This man was representative type of the diligent,determined and hard-working teacher in hard times and still is a real model for new generations of teachers who chose this noble profession.
Documentary attested in 1283 (then 1405) ,Reteag was mentioned in connection with the Fortress Ciceu`s settlements, and the name of the noble Stephen Losonczy. In the district area ,in 1553 appears to be known Ciceu with four mills and customs point. In 1583 it was attached to Gherla ,while at 1609 was remembered as part of Erdely's curia. In 1845 it is known about a joint place having Romanian, Hungarian, Armenian and Hebrew inhabitants. There were mentioned six tailors, nine shoemakers , two skinners, one butcher , eight potters, one carpenter ,one wheelwrightl, one locksmith, two farriers a.s.o .In 1655 it had had annual fair and weekly market since 1830.

Reteag indicates places of worship of a rich religious life and national property values: The Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas was built in 1809. The Romanian Parish of Reteag was the owner of a number of valuable ancient religious books.
Reformed Church is a Gothic church built in the fifteenth century and rebuilt in 1812 . Roman Catholic (Franciscan ) Church was erected at the place where is known since 1876.Where now is a House of Pentecostal Prayer ,there was a sinagoga (Jewish church).In turbulent times of the Holocaust (which is commemorated at Reteag,too), the tragedy was known here and some citizens have died in camps, others have managed to save themselves .Mr.Fred Adler is one of the survivors whose organization is located in Sacramento.He have been thanked on behalf of our school .Many generations have been sheltered in the house of Mr.Fred Adler (the last time used as kindergarten...

The village Batza is mentioned in 1405 under the title of Ciceu donation. Bahffy family and Batza known in 1631 would be held together with the castle of the lord treasurer Miko Ferencz. A rich curia is mentioned in 1603 speaking about Batza,too. In 1870 Count Miklos Korais restored the (horseshoe-shaped ) church built in 1740 by Count Lazar.The Reformed Church was built in 1754. In that place there was a wooden church in 1749. In 1553 were mentioned 19 sherfs and 15 poor families.In 1703 there were 26 houses; in 1886 there were 112 houses with 616 inhabitants.It is known that 314 inhabitants were Greek Catholics in 1900 ,as well 446 Jews and 10 Reformed people.

The village
Poieni (belonging to the same administrative system) is a prehistoric settlement (from the first age of iron).It proves Romanian continuity on western terrace.There are recent historical and archaeological researches in this respect.Some similar facts are to be observed in the aria of Ciceu-Mihaieşti.

PETRU RARES HALL manages villages Reteag and Poieni with a total of
3258 ha,as it follows:built space about 448 ha and terrain 2810 ha.
Population is counted as:3720 people including 1055 households and 1090 dwellings.

Phone and fax : 0263-344000

Mayor: Basil CocosDeputy:Ioan MăluţanSecretary: Dumitru PopAccountant: Ileana Cocos

Some Officials of Petru Rares Townhall and...
Possible Councillors in the future...

Facilities offered to investors:Possibilities for tourismAccess roads to rail and road links between the county of Cluj, Maramures, Suceava, Mures
Investment projects:
Introduction MethaneRehabilitation of the Cultural Centre there. BataSewerage place. Reteag and BataLocal kindergarten again ReteagGymCity Hall Restoration Headquarters
2009 national program to improve the quality of the environment by making green spaces in urban areas have significant allocations through the budget revenue and expenditure of the fund for the environment provided by the Environment Fund Administration. Through this project The Local Council of Petru Rares developes a large area of green space.The new building of City Hall began in autumn 2009 and will probably finish this year.
Cultural House from Reteag

Honorable Citizens of Reteag:
Prof.Borza Gheorghe and Maria (authors of Reteag`s Monography )

The Park of the village,perhaps the most beautiful park of the region.The mayor, Mr. Alexandru Cocos in the third period, assisted by vice-mayors in succession: Aurel Bora, Vasile Bot and Ioan Malutan .

The name of Mr. Aurel Bora is an important one among those that initiated the project of the modern hall.After the separation of the village (that became commune ) Ciceu-Mihaiesti from Petru Rares,he was the leader of other important projects such as the location of the statue of Petru Rares in front of the school , preparing Ciceu Days etc.He and the major of Ciceu-Mihăieşti are very active persons, constantly preoccupied with the prosperity of Ciceu-Mihaiesti and School "Petru Rares".
Participation to the first GAL (Group of Local Initiative)

Heroes Day, in front of the monument, alongside the Mayor, Deputy Mayor Vasile Bot, village priest Vasile Nistor and veterans ...

Veterans of war :Chis Gheorghe,Cristurean Ioan (Cucu)

One of the last veterans from ww II: Mr.Iacob (near his daughter, an active pensioner teacher, ex-manager of the school for several years)

Near the Monument of Heroes...
11 October 2010 The Hollocaust Commemoration at the Hebrew Cemetery from Reteag
School "Ion Pop Reteganul" consists in four buildings:
Reteag I-IV, V-VIII Poieni
and Batza (I-IV)
Also,there are three kindergartens at : Reteag, Batza, Poieni. ttp://www.scoalareteag.webs.com/

School "IPReteganul" has partnerships and common activities with school "Petru Rares" from Ciceu-Mihaiesti and other schools in the country ,especially those named after its illustrious predecessor (such as the School from Sancel, Alba county and School from Orlat , Sibiu County,as well as with Students` House from Rodna) .Especially in times of crisis, the Local Council, Committee of parents and entire community for the proper functioning of the school and keeping its dignity and prestige.

Mr.Miklos Szolok ,one of the representatives of the School`s Parents`Council

The School`s little star Clapa Lorena is singing a song:

An other singer of our school was:Corina...
Near the Christmas tree ... will the kids wait for Santa again?

Romanian Carols and other winter activities:

Little (Eastern )Kings;Bear;Goat or Deer;Little Plough


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