14 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi


AL mazra'a AL Shakira, Palestine

My beautiful village is the most wonderful place in the earth the my village is the most wonderful place on earth people here love each other the help each other and the stand with each other in good and bad time they live like a family and it's weather is awesome in summer it's hot and all people is busy with weddings about 2-3wedding aday and in fall it's cold alittle bit so everybody is busy with cutting the wood and save it for winter then it's winter it's so cold everybody sitting in front of the heater we called it ( sopa ) it's big thing we put wood in it and we turn it on with fire to give us heat and it's really work finally it's spring everybody start to go to work and a_haifa start to take care of the ground and the trees it's such a great place to live I love it's smell and there is so many activity that people do durning the year like ( katf el zaetoon) and there is rammadan it's 30day we can't eat since 4:30in the morning till 6:00 in the evening I'm feels so g ood when I write a bout my village I wish u had fun reading what I wrote and thank u so much.

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