14 Mayıs 2011 Cumartesi

Sierra Leon

Dear Teachers,
  My name is mendy kanu, i'm a teacher at the empowering children school in congo town,Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am working with grade six students with differents ages. i think this project is a wonderful opportunities for my students to explore.
I am happy to be here
Mendy kanu
           Local history project is my fovourite forum, i will like to work with this project in the future and my students are eager to start the work of history, i was discussing it with them, they told me that they will soon start going out on a research to know some great history, because some of my students have great history in life, because of the past ten years brutal and senseless war in Sierra Leone, after the war some engage in prostitution, trading, homeless ect.
Rimmy send me the adress of your school, my students make some art work design and they want to post it to you through postal mail.
this is how we will start working with your students. they are good on art work, so i told them that we should try to post it to Rimma, they told me it will be wonderful.

warm regards
Mendy Kanu
Sierra Leone

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