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   General information about Novokuznetsk 
A wooden fort, which appeared in 1618 on the Tom River, became one of the most important supporting posts of the Russian Empire beyond the Urals.     Gradually the settlements began to grow around the fortress, and the post of resistance became the town, which since 1622 acquired the name of Kuznetsk.    During the years the city has acquired its inimitable look, its unique character, expressed in straight light streets, memorable squares and architectural ensembles.  The best architects of the country put their wonderful ideas into practice in the city.  
      A stone Fortress on Voznesenskaya Mountain was ordered to built in the town Kuznetsk in1800-1820  by Emperor Paul 1, as part of south Siberian protection from the Chinese threat.
      One wooden building and eight stone buildings were united into a fortress. And its total area became 20 hectares. Kusnetskaya Fortress has never been in wars from the moment of its existence but still its walls have seen the army: soldiers and officers, convicts and exiled.

                           The Barnaul tower 

      Three Stone floors with wooden tower were constructed during 1809- 1810 and there was a road to Barnaul. The bottom circle of serf gate is made of stone and the top floors of brick. The roof of the third circle is arranged in the form of a tetrahedral dome with a turret. 
      Kusnetskaya Fortress is a monument of history and architecture of federal value; it is in Kusnetskiy district of Novokuznetsk.
      Exact copies of 12-pound guns were made in 1999 at ZSMK for restoration of historical view of the main monument of our city. 

         Many years ago these guns protected fortifications and bastions. Only four guns, decorated the entrance of the museum of local lore, have left since that time.
         This stone building was constructed in 1808 and intended for storage of artillery pieces and equipment. At each doorway ramps were arranged. The floor of the armoury was laid out by stone plates.
          The stone one-storey building of a guardroom with high roof was constructed before 1806.
         History of Kuznetskaya Fortress and the Siberian strengthening lines.

         Culture of inhabitants of Kuznetsk and its vicinities in XVII-XVIII centuries.

         Kuznetsk on the plans of XVII- XX centuries.
         Trade relations of Kuznetsk in XIX-XX centuries.
          Novokuznetsk museum of local lore is one of the largest museums of the Kemerovo region and the oldest in Kuzbass.
      Novokuznetsk museum of local lore remains one of the leading cultural establishments of the city, forming it’s sociocultural area.
      The museum is created on the basis of private museum, by Dmitry Yaroslavtsev and George Blynskiy.
      The museum was opened on 7th  November,1927.  Next thirty years it moved to different places and in 1955 was finally located on the ground floor of five-storey house.
      Here you can find lots of information about our city.


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